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Welcome to the home of all OpenMAMA related technical Documentation.

Here you will find all sorts of documentation relating to the project, including an overview of our development process, FAQ, documentation on how to develop a middleware bridge, as well as instructions for building OpenMAMA.

Quick Start

We’re currently working on various initiatives to make starting with OpenMAMA easier. This includes RPM packaging and updated quick start documentation.

The current version of the quick start guide can be found here.

Continuous Integration Environment

The latest version of the continuous integration environment can be found at ci.openmama.org.

Other Resources

This is a work in progress so much of the documentation for OpenMAMA as it stands today is still pretty fragmented. You can currently find documentation for OpenMAMA across several disparate sources:

This has proven to be confusing to newcomers to the project so we have created this project with the primary goal of consolidating all official technical documentation for OpenMAMA under one resource.

The project is built on Tom Johnson’s extremely impressive documentation theme for jekyll.